Vacuum Excavation: A Safer Way to Dig

When it comes to excavation, a safer and more efficient remedy to traditional digging is vacuum excavation. Vacuum excavation is delicate enough to avoid damage to underground cables, lines, and pipes. This excavation practice is quite efficient and safe enough to handle any size excavation job.

Here at INSERV, Inc. our industrial strength vacuum simultaneously excavates and evacuates soil that ensures a safe excavation process. Mitigating the risk of damage to infrastructure is at the forefront of importance for our vacuum excavation services.

Vacuum Excavation and Hydro Excavation as Working Counterparts

Similar to vacuum excavation, our hydro-excavation services assist in mitigating the risk of unwanted damage to buried lines and pipes. In this important process, hydro excavation clears away soil, just like vacuum excavation, but carries out the excavation procedure using pressurized water. Both vacuum excavation and hydro excavation perform similar functions to carry out safe results.

Due to the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of these operations, a smaller impact is made on the environment that ensures safety and security. Here at INSERV, Inc., our vacuum and hydro excavation services include but are not limited to:

  • Drilling Mud Recovery
  • Dry Wells & Catch Basins Clean Out
  • Specialty Digging
  • Underground Utility Locating
  • Piling Hole Solutions
  • Slot Trenching
  • Traffic Signal & Utility Pole Installation
  • Fence Post Installation
  • Line Jetting

The Future of Safe & Practical Excavation Methods

Along with a low impact and a non-destructive trace on not only the environment, but hidden cables, lines, and pipes; vacuum and hydro excavation are imperative for your excavation needs. Reduce the risk of damage and create less back-fill using our forward excavation services.

These best practice excavation methods are the future of excavation and INSERV, Inc. strives to be at the forefront in our community. Working efficiently but effectively at the same time is paramount, and our vacuum and hydro excavation services make this possible.

For your excavation needs, ask us how our vacuum and hydro excavation can assist you today.