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At INSERV, Inc. we pride ourselves on responding to the changing needs of our customers.

INSERV, Inc. removes Eco Surface Solutions name and logo

In 2018 INSERV, Inc. purchased Eco Surface Solutions. Effective May 2020, INSERV, Inc. will no longer use the Eco Surface Solutions name or logo on any of their advertising or products. Eco Surface Solutions will be branded under INSERV, Inc.’s Seasonal Services department.

Statement from INSERV, Inc.’s marketing department:

“In an effort to create more cohesive branding for INSERV, Inc. and our Seasonal Services department, we have decided to remove the Eco Surface Solutions logo and name from all future marketing. We will continue to provide the same great products and service as always, the only difference will be in the name on our advertising, contracts, and invoices.”

Indiana Department of Environmental Management Logo

INSERV, Inc. passes inspection by Indiana Department of Environmental Management

On September 6th, 2019, INSERV, Inc. underwent an inspection by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Air Quality. The inspection was done on several properties that INSERV, Inc. is contracted for the proper removal and remediation of asbestos materials.

Statement from INSERV, Inc.:

“INSERV, Inc. is proud to announce that we passed the inspection that happened on several of the properties we are contracted to remove and remediate asbestos. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure that all jobs are done safely for all involved, including the environment.”

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INSERV, Inc. releases a new cell phone policy while on the job site.

On September 20th, 2019, INSERV, Inc. released a new safety policy to its employees. In response to changing policies with their customers, INSERV, Inc. will no longer allow phone use while on a job site or in their work yard.

Statement from INSERV, Inc:

This new procedure is a continuation of requirements set forth by our customers to ensure job safety and reduce the risk of injury or death while operating machinery. At INSERV, Inc., we pride ourselves on safety, by removing phone use while on a job site or in our work yard we are reducing the risk of injury or death due to inattention.”