Seasonal Services

Managing nature, respecting the planet.  Our Seasonal Services offers solutions from dusty drives and lots to icy roads and walks. 

Our Seasonal Services Department offers solutions for your summer and winter needs. Whether you need dust control or snow plowing, we have your back. Don’t miss out on our ICE BAN® product either. Specially designed with our customer’s in mind, ICE BAN® comes in both liquid and in pretreated salt.

All products used by INSERV, Inc. are both economically and environmentally friendly.

Seasonal Services Snow Plow

Winter Services

From icy walks to snow-covered lots we have the experience, equipment, and products to help manage all your winter needs.

To ensure the job is done well, we not only monitor the weather forecast leading up to the storm but also the weather after the storm so we can plan accordingly and work to save money on your budget.

Business – Residential | South Bend – Mishawaka – Granger

Have onsite snow removal? We can still help with your winter needs. Our ICE BAN® products come in both liquid and pretreated salt which can be purchased by the ton or by the bag.

Our ICE BAN® products are environmentally safer and less corrosive than salt and are made from all-natural ingredients.

Eco Surface Solutions

Our Products:

  • ICE BAN® 305 Liquid Anti Icer – is a magnesium chloride-based product. It is a water-soluble, non-tracking formula.
  • ICE BAN® CM27 Liquid Anti Icer – is a calcium magnesium-based product. This formula is designed to get to bare pavement faster, composed of all-natural ingredients. It can be used to pretreat salt for a faster melt. 1 gallon will cover 1,000 square feet.
  • ICE BAN® Professional Blend Deicer – This salt is pretreated with ICE BAN® 305 Liquid to provide accelerated melting of snow and ice at a low corrosive rate.
  • We now offer untreated salt in bulk.
Snow covered Road in Downtown South Bend

Dust Control truck spraying magnesium chloride on dirt to control dust

Summer Services

Need dust control? We have the products and experience to help control dusty drives and lots.

Benefits of dust control:

  • Helps reduce the spread of Avian flu through blowing dust
  • Helps keeps the air clean
  • Increase soil stabilization reducing potholes and surface material degradation

Through the use of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride applications, we are able to reduce the amount of dust in the air, creating a healthier environment.

Rose Acre Farm - Dust Control

Avian flu can be spread via dust particles. By using INSERV, Inc.’s dust control services, Rose Acre Farm is able to reduce dust particles in the air creating a cleaning environment for their employees and animals.

Dust Control Truck spreading dust control liquid on dirt area at Rose Acres Farms