How Landfill Diversion Can Help Your Zero-Waste Initiatives

In today’s climate, choosing viable options to increase your company’s positive impact on the environment is paramount.  At INSERV, Inc. one of the ways we help you reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels is through our landfill diversion strategies. 

Implementing landfill diversion strategies, such as zero-waste, helps deter waste from landfills while collectively having a healthier impact on the environment. When there is less waste sent to landfills, greenhouse gas emissions profit along with overall energy efficiency.  

How INSERV, Inc. Helps You Reach Your Landfill Diversion Goals

INSERV, Inc.’s role in assisting with your landfill diversion goals starts when we collect your non-hazardous waste. From there, we analyze your waste to ensure it can be transformed into renewable energy. Once that determination is made, we send our trucks to the closest waste-to-energy facility for final processing. 

At the waste-to-energy facility, our trucks dump your non-hazardous waste into a deep pit. The waste is then transferred into an incinerator. As the heat from the incineration process commences, water is heated and is converted into steam. The steam is then sent into a continuous loop when at certain times, can act as a catalyst to contribute to the powering of electricity for local neighborhoods and companies who potentially need it.  

Processing the Residual Materials is Safe and Eco-Friendly

Any outstanding waste materials left after the incineration process are extracted and divided into two categories, ferrous (composed of iron) and non-ferrous. After the left-over waste is separated, it is then taken to be recycled. Any remaining materials at the end of this process are then sent to a landfill for future disposal.

The excess heat from the incineration process is cooled and refined using air pollution control equipment. A fabric filter then controls emissions of other residual materials to be processed and sent for future disposal. This zero-waste process revolves around the core principle of producing renewable energy while profoundly impacting the environment in a positive manner.  

Instead of sending your non-hazardous materials straight to a landfill, ask us how our zero-waste process using waste to energy can help your company reach your landfill diversion goals.