Beat the snow and ice with ICE BAN.  Image shows bulk and bagged ICE BAN products and an icy road with a car in the ditch

ICE BAN® Anti-Icers & De-Icers

Our winter maintenance program includes both preventative and reactive products ensuring that you are keeping your lots, roads, and sidewalks safe. Environmentally friendly and designed to continue to be effective in temperatures up to -15 or lower. Our liquid anti-icers and de-icers can be used to pre-wet sanding material and rock salt, increasing these materials efficiency and lower bounce and scatter distance.

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Benefits of using ICE BAN®

  • Corrosion Resistance – 8% more than distilled water
  • Low environmental impact
  • Low odor
  • Non-tracking
  • Delivered ready to go – No Blending Needed
  • Storage stability for low temperature regions

ICE BAN® is an agriculturally inhibited corn product that is purified and engineered and added to Magnesium or Calcium Chloride.

ICE BAN® is safe for environmentally sensitive areas.

Our winter maintenance program addresses these three business priorities –

  • Safety – Fewer accidents and supports continued commerce
  • Environmental Issues – Maintains safe water quality and lowers risk of contamination from salt and damage to vegetation
  • Economic Issues – Lowers costs associated with the over use of salt and sand, less damaging to equipment and less labor intensive, and less corrosive.